Barford 3T SXR3000 Rotary Tipping dumper

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SXR3000 from DR Plant Repairs

The rotary skip cuts down time taken in trench work; if you can’t get the dumper into the right position to tip, you can simply rotate the skip.

A directional skip minimises the difficulty of working in confined spaces by cutting out the need to direct the dumper. Ease of use is further enhanced through the inclusion of powershuttle as standard.

Barford’s SXR3000 Rotary Tipping dumper benefits from a skip that can be rotated through 180 degrees for easier loading and unloading.

Makes & ModelsBarford SXR3000
Width1865mm / 73.5 inches
Height with rollbar2790mm / 110 inches
Height without rollbar1970mm / 78inches
Skip Capacity3ton (3048kg)