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Prepare your garden for the summer....  We stock a range of tools for hire to help turn your garden into a haven to relax and enjoy the sunshine ahead. Whether you're an amateur enthusiast or a professional gardener we have the ideal gardening equipment for your needs. If you would like information on the items that we have available to hire please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help in any way that they can. 

Plant Repair, Hire and Service in Devon 

We offer a prompt delivery service of plant and tools throughout North Devon and through our National Network Service in the U.K. Whatever machine you require, wherever you're working we can help you. 
All of our machinery listed below is available to hire throughout the UK, however, we can only provide our delivery and collection service within North Devon. You are welcome to hire our equipment from further afield for example Cornwall , Somerset, Dorset and throughout the UK through our National Company Network. 


We provide Delivery of our machinery straight to your door and guaranteed to arrive early in the morning on the date agreed ensuring you have access to the machinery for the full day. Once you have completed your project and no longer need our machinery we will collect it from you and return it to our Depot. 





MACHINERY AVAILABLE FOR HIRE (*Prices pro-rata of a minimum of 7 day hire

3/4 Ton Narrow Access Doorway Digger - from £34 per day* 
This machine is ideally suited for working in back gardens or other areas with a Standard 750mm (2'6") gate or doorway. 
The Tracks retract to get through the gate/door & then expand again to give the machine extra stability. Ideal for Conservatory Footings or Patio Bases. 
Make & Model 
JCB 8008 
Width (Tracks Retracted) 
711.2 mm/28 inches 
Width (Tracks Extended) 
860mm/ 33.85 inches 
1346mm/ 53 inches + person sat on Machine! 
0.95 ton 
Digging Depth 
approx 1720 mm/ 5.65 ft 
approx 2133 mm/ 7ft 
2 Buckets supplied + Grader 
Buckets sizes available - 300mm/600mm or 12/24 inches 
1.5 Ton Mini Digger - from £34 per day* 
The 'original Mini Digger' These machines are ideal for Trenching for cables, drains, pipes & footings. Also for Ground works & Clearance, and levelling & digging for Gardens, Ponds & Drives. A firm favourite with Builders & DIY alike. 
Makes & Models 
Kubota KX41/ Wacker1404/ JCB 8014 
990mm/ 39inches 
2280mm/ 89inches 
1.5 ton (1500kg) 
Digging Depth 
approx range 2134mm to 2438mm/ 7 to 8 ft 
approx 2743mm/ 9 ft 
2 Buckets supplied + Grader 
Buckets sizes available - 300mm/450mm/600mm or 12/18/24 inches 
Double Drum Roller - from £22 per day* 
6 in 1 control lever, 1X1 forward visibility, Operator isolated from vibration, Freewheel facility, Water cooled, three cylinder Kubota engine, Low noise levels, Plastic hydraulic 
tank, Plastic Water tank enclosed in steel, Anti-Vandal protection. 
Make & Model 
Benford TV800 
Drum Width 
Height with Rollbar 
Water Sprinkler System 
1.47ton (1470kg) 
1 Ton High Lift/Skip loading Dumpers - from £24 per day* 
These Dumpers are ideal for projects with limited access. 4 Wheel Drive & over 1.5m tip height. Fully hydrostatic Drive. 
Great for cutting down on man hours & hard work! 
Makes & Models 
Lifton LS750 
Benford HD1000 
Height with Rollbar 
2591mm/102 inches 
2480mm/98 inches 
Height without Rollbar 
1750mm/67 inches 
Skip Capacity 
0.75ton (750kg) 
1ton (1000kg) 
3 Ton Mini Digger - from £46 per day* 
Larger than the "original 1.5T Mini Digger" but it is still small & versatile enough for most jobs but has the power to dig in almost any ground. 
Available with Hydraulic Breaker 
Available with Post Knocker 
Available with Post Drilling Auger 
Make & Model 
Hanix H27DR/ Hanix 26C 
1470mm/ 57.9 inches 
2385mm/ 93.9 inches 
2.94 ton (2940kg) 
Digging Depth 
2915 mm/ 9.5ft 
3353 mm/ 11 ft 
Buckets supplied + Grader 
Buckets sizes available - 
300mm/600mm , 12/24 inches 
450mm, or 18 inches option 
Single Drum Roller - only £50 a week! 
Walk behind diesel single drum vibratory roller. Popular for its use on asphalt work. Allows easy operation along walls & kerb stones. 
Available with Breaker Packs 
Make & Model 
Benford 710 
Drum Width 
Water Sprinkler System 
0.47ton (470kg) 
Trailer Supplied 
Yes - pin hitch 
Electric & Starting Handle available 
Track Barrow  
Ideal for narrow access and more efficient then a wheel barrow. 
Skip Capacity 
1165mm (with skip lowered) 
1675mm (max skip height) 
Electric Scissor Lift 
This model of scissor lift offers very good maneuverability over flat areas and reaches to 8m high. 
For more information and specification please call our office on 01271 864429 
Safety harnesses also available 
Genie GS1930 
Maximum working height on the Genie is 7.6m and 76.2cam wide makes it great for warehouse work. 
Nifty HR12 
With a working height of 12.2m and working outreach of 6.10m this is a ideal for various access issues. 
Safety harnesses also available 
Hydraulic & Electric Breakers 
We have a selection of breakers ready for all jobs- 
Beaver breakers 
Wacker breakers 
Hilt Breakers 
Petrol Bomag 55E Rollers 
Petrol Trench Rammers 
Petrol Plates 
Forward/Reverse Diesel Plates 
2 KVA Generators 
Cement Mixers 
Bell 4/3 Cement Mixer 
Petrol Tools 
14-18" Floor Saws 
36" Power Floats 
12" STIHL Saws/Disc Cutter 
MS 230-1 
Floor & Tile Remover 
If you have any questions or would like to make an enquiry you can contact us by calling either of the  
following numbers: 
Tel: 01271 864429    Mob: 07976 914308    Email: info@drplantrepairs.co.uk