Double Drum Rollers

from £24 per day*
*prices pro-rata with minimum of 7 day hire

Features 6 in 1 control lever, 1X1 forward visibility, operator isolated from vibration, freewheel facility, water cooled, three cylinder Kubota engine, low noise levels, plastic hydraulic tank, plastic water tank enclosed in steel, anti-vandal protection.

Make & ModelBenford TV800
Drum Width800mm/36inches
Height with Rollbar2400mm/94inches
Water Sprinkler SystemYes
Weight1.47ton (1470kg)
  • Powerful and reliable water cooled engines.
  • Superb service access and easy to service components.
  • “Rental Tough” high quality heavy duty design.
  • Heavy duty vibration system with high centrifugal force, frequency and static liner load reduces the number of passes required.
  • Unique side control arm for increased operator leg room and comfort.
  • Unique 6-in-1 control lever for simple and easy operation of all functions.
  • Lockable instrumental panel, water tank filler flap and hood to reduce theft and vandalism.
  • Simple lever selection of twin drum vibration or rear drum vibration.
Make & ModelTerex TV1200
Drum Width1200mm/47.24inches
Height with Rollbar2650mm/104.33inches
Water Sprinkler SystemYes